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Diversity & Inclusion
Our purpose is to create revolutionary role-playing games with memorable stories that inspire gamers. We can only deliver on these goals and promises with an amazing, passionate team whose talents and professional skills reflect the breadth of experience in the world. A diverse and inclusive work environment boosts creativity and innovation, which is exactly what we need in order to push the limits of technology and storytelling.

“Our mission is to create revolutionary games for players around the world and this is WHY we need to empower the potential of our teams. A diversity of perspectives unlocks creativity and increases innovation."
Adam Kiciński, CEO

We’re achieving it by encouraging:
Diverse Teams
Our identity is the core of who we are, and it’s what we share with others while working together. The potential that can be unlocked through diversity strengthens our games, communities, and teams. Openness to everyone’s backgrounds creates more meaningful collaborations and ideas.
Inclusive Leaders
Inclusive leaders create healthy teams and relationships based on trust and understanding. Our diversity fuels us to create an inclusive environment, where authentic leaders have the skills to listen to every person, overcoming unconscious biases in decision-making processes. Inclusion fosters the growth and resilience of our teams, who feel empowered by leaders to take risks and boldly present different points of view.
Equitable processes
Creating a space where everyone feels safe and respected is what we stand for. Our processes will ensure fair treatment, equal development opportunities, and fair pay. Being respected fuels our willingness to use our skills and talents to create the best games in the world.
Equitable Practices

We’re not afraid to stand for what we believe in. By implementing inclusive benefits and creating a space where everyone can be themselves, we create a positive example for other companies and help effect positive social change.

“We believe that talented and passionate people are our biggest strength, and creating a safe and inclusive workspace helps us create more room for them in the industry and at our company.” – Agnieszka Szamałek-Michalska, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Director

Healthy teams are ones where all team members feel good, valued, and safe — and these are the teams we want to empower inside RED by introducing various initiatives. Some of the initiatives we’ve created to support our internal and external community include:

Diversity in Games

At CD PROJEKT, we are committed to creating rich and immersive virtual worlds that provide gamers with high-quality entertainment, which is why we strive to create realities that are credible and internally consistent.

We consider it important to reflect the diversity of our world in large and small ways, both its bright and dark sides. This way, we can create fantastic worlds populated by true-to-life people and emotionally engaging events. We believe that these types of deep worlds are ones that engage gamers and ensure they want to come back to them. more »

Dziewczyny w Grze! (Girls in the Game!)

We created a mentoring and scholarship program for high school girls to help them take their first steps in the video game industry.

Girls in the Game! participants have the opportunity to learn about many practical aspects of the video game industry, gain hands-on experience creating games, and receive financial support to cover the costs of additional classes, training, or hardware. They are also mentored by experienced specialists from CD PROJEKT RED who provide their expertise and support as the participants work on gaming-related projects. more »

Menstrual leave

Each menstruating employee can take one additional day off per month whenever period pain occurs. Menstrual leave fosters inclusiveness by accepting that there are biological differences in the workplace — breaking taboos can only be done by speaking up and turning an often sensitive topic into a normal conversation.

If an employee chooses not to use menstrual leave, unlike vacation time, their days off do not accrue or carry over to the next month, nor are they paid out when the employee departs from the company. more »

#SayHiToDiversity campaign

CDPR was part of the #SayHiToDiversity campaign, which gave space and voice to people who play diverse roles in their daily lives. Their stories show how many dimensions each of us has. One person cannot be described in a single word!

We are proud of Olga Cyganiak, who agreed to be the face of CDPR in the #SayHiToDiversity campaign. Olga is a mother, a gamer, an extrovert, a person from a small town, and a game producer. Watch the full video with Olga. more »

The Diversity Charter

We’re among the companies that signed the Diversity Charter (Karta Różnorodności), a document committing to non-discrimination in the workplace as well as to the introduction of policies that create and promote diversity.

We were also listed as one of the top employers in Poland in terms of managing diversity and inclusion. more »

Sustainability Report

We’re strongly committed to promoting social change and being an example of it. All of our efforts aimed at meeting this goal can be found here. more »