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The Teams
From gameplay, sound, and graphic designers to video artists, producers, programmers, marketing & communication experts, and many, many more — everyone at RED is focused on one goal: to make and publish the best games in the world.
Design & Story

Join the creative process and see your ideas shape the look, feel, and sound of our games. From gameplay mechanics to the stories we tell, and how we tell them, we always aim to create experiences that players will remember for years to come.


Oversee and manage development, design, and creative teams. Use interpersonal and organizational skills to coordinate within teams, and optimise approaches to complex projects. Production at CD PROJEKT RED is a fast-paced, ever-changing role that has new, satisfying challenges to solve every day.


Artists at CD PROJEKT RED define the visual style and identity of our games. From environments, to characters, to in-game interfaces and beyond, the intricate work of our artists has a long-lasting impact on every release.

Dev & QA

Help make games and ensure they meet the quality we strive for and that gamers around the world expect. We’re always looking for developers to build the best RPGs in the world, and for QA specialists with keen attention to detail to help further polish and refine our work to the highest degree.

Marketing & PR

Our marketing & PR team encompasses community management and engagement, social media presence, branding and awareness, content-creation, and overall communication with partners and the outside world. From planning long-term marketing strategies to event-coordination, external messaging and more, they always keep us in the conversation!

Studio operations

Specialists in people, organization, and administration, helping to keep things running smoothly! With such a varied, busy workplace, we need experts in these areas who can provide effective, attentive support as part of our multifaceted in-house team.

Our recruitment process
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